The Crash (#60)

The Formula One Big City Grand Prix was celebrating its 10th year in 2038 and being the last race of the year, there was a huge hype around this race and it was supposed to be a golden opportunity for sponsors. The leader had to finish on the podium to guarantee himself the title and the driver in second had to win the race and hope that the leader finished 4th or lower in the race in order to win the title.

The leader coming into the race was Icelandic racer Hubert Einarsson who represented Fly Vehicle of Big City and the 2nd placed driver was Big Citian Karl Robinson who represented Anders RT of France. There was also an additional element to the race as the first female F1 racer since 1992, Carly Smith who was representing Ferrari had stunned the whole world by standing 3rd in the overall Drivers’ Standing and had to finish in the top five to guarantee an overall podium finish in the F1 Championship.

The race track was the Coca-Cola Motorway and the stadium was full with a massive 180,000 people showing up for the race. The circuit had 102 3.1km laps.

The leader for the first few laps was Einarsson who then fell back to third with Robinson taking the lead, Smith was in the 5th position. Soon, Robinson fell back to the 3rd position once again and Einarsson managed to create a 13-second lead but, Einarsson’s car soon malfunctioned and skidded on the track and became stationary horizontally on the track and Robinson started to catch up and beat the second-placed driver, Carly Smith to come in to second place himself and he was about to cross Einarsson when he smashed his car into the side of Einarsson’s car and both cars flew into the side-grass (The grass area beside the track). The race went on while a huge team of medics, firemen and mechanics came to the side-grass to rescue the drivers, both of them were rescued with minor injuries and it was found out that Einarsson’s halo had slid into such an angle that he had been trapped inside the car. Both of them got zero points from the race but, Einarsson rejoiced as he managed to win the championship nevertheless as only Robinson could’ve beaten him and he too, had been in the crash.

The winner of the race was female racer Carly Smith who finished 3rd in the overall standings and the champions was Hubert Einarsson. The runner-up Robinson said that Einarsson deserved to win the race as he had an unassailable 13-second lead but, it was the constructor’s fault that the car malfunctioned and Robinson was glad that they got out of the accident without any serious injuries. Einarsson described being stuck in that seat as the worst few seconds of his life but he followed it up with, “My worst few seconds were followed by best.” as he won the title after the race ended. Einarsson also publicly slammed his team Fly Vehicle for “poor construction” of the car’s cockpit as the halo was never supposed to slide down and said that they should have made an alternative way of escaping. He terminated his 5-year contract with Fly Vehicle after just two. Soon, Fly Vehicle, the car-manufacturing companysoon  decided to close their Formula One team as it had deemed it “unprofitable”. Fly Vehicle’s Formula One team was replaced by a new team called “Skycar”. Skycar signed Einarsson on a 6 year deal and Einarsson continued to win the championship for the next two years in a row.

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  1. All sportsmen should have the sportsman spirit shown by all the drivers in the race. Good luck to them all.
    Why is this event being closed?

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