The Julius Tower, Coandra (#61)

The Julius Tower in Coandra is one of the largest buildings in the world in terms of area covered. It has 98 floors and covers 4000 acres, around the size of an average international airport.

The building has been divided into the Eastern, Western, Northern, Southern & Central zones with each zone having different kinds of things. The Eastern Zone has apartments and hotel rooms which are considered one of the most expensive around the world. The Western Zone is connected to the Eastern Zone via a free-to-use metro line which takes nearly two minutes to connect the two Zones. The Western Zone has a huge shopping complex with several brands having multiple stores at different ends of the Zone. The rental costs of the stores are also very high with many high-end brands having their showrooms there. The mall covers a massive 80 floors with the top 18 floors having security guards and CCTV rooms.

The Northern Zone has the Grunemberg Theatres which are the most luxurious and the most expensive around the world. Many famous playwrights present plays in the Grunemberg Theatres, often by invitation and famous singers and musicians perform there. The Hullington Hall is the most expensive meant exclusively for pop singers and has an average base price of almost $3000. The Central Zone has meeting rooms and more hotel rooms with the Southern Zone having bowling alleys, arcades, a few apartments, one movie hall and several hotels. The Northern Zone also has halls where people can host fairs & events.

The short train line that connects the zones is called the “Julius 500” and stops at each station for 1 minute and there’s also a free kart service to drop people off at different locations. The roof also has a small airport for sightseeing flights and helicopter rides. The building was opened in 2040 and was inaugurated by the Prime Minister, Lala Amarnathpo.

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