Betting Laws in Big City (#62)

Big City is one of the biggest countries when it comes to the betting industry. Big City has fully legalised betting in sports and casual betting is also legal unless the total amount is more than 10,000 amires.

If the amount rises above 10,000 amires, the betters have to inform the government through the website so that the government can take its cut of taxes. Gambling is also very popular with casinos concentrated in Jones, Fezo and Cralle, Cyber. Sports betting overtakes all other forms of betting with the owner of the largest betting company, BetNice being worth over $4.5 billion, almost the same as the CEO of Bet365. Other famous betting companies are LocalBet, BetBetty & OddsRGood.

One of the most famous things about betting laws in Big City is that until 2010, there was no age restriction and children of all ages were allowed to bet. Soon, the Gambling Act of 2010 was passed which barred children below the age of 16 to participate in gambling except for casual betting under 100 amires.

The casual betting laws are one of the more relaxed laws with many people often not abiding by them but, the Gambling Act of 2010 was enforced strongly with IDs being required to enter every casino and betting website. Big City has lottery systems but they are not allowed to advertise on television but can advertise through billboards and website ads. The biggest one is The Four Leaf Luck Lotto which has a pot of nearly $80 million.

Many people have protested against these relaxed betting laws but it has had no such negative effect on the economy nor on the people as the government believes that people are supposed to take such decisions themselves and be responsible.

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