Framing the President (#63)

The leader of a regional party from Aldata, Dezo tried to imprison the President, Lala Amarnathpo by framing him in a scandal.

The ruling party from Aldata was the Goggle Party whose head was Lala Amarnathpo and Aldata was one of the largest manufacturers of rubber. One of the largest rubber-producing companies, Huberr Ltd. filed a false complaint against the President that he had allegedly tried to threaten Huberr to give him 20% of the company or else they would be forced to shut down their operations. The news shocked everyone but Lala Amarnathpo immediately sued the company for $5 billion for defamation and false accusations. The company had forged many documents to provide fake evidence to the court. The public began losing its faith in the President. The case went on for a week when the false evidence given by Huberr was closely examined by the Anit-Forgery Justice Team (AFJT)  and it declared that the documents were fake as the seal was not of the right size and the signature was also slightly different.

The company continued to speak against the President and declared that the President had bribed the AFJT to clear his name. Things were looking bleak for the President until a recording surfaced of telephone conversations between the Huberr CEO and the leader of the opposition party from Aldata, Ryan Finyard. The court took sample recordings of the voices of both; the CEO and Finyard and then matched it with the recording with the help of a team of highly trained experts from Japan. After two days of careful examination, the court declared that the voice was indeed of the CEO and of Finyard and the recording had a detailed account of how Finyard had bribed Huberr’s CEO to file a false compaint in order to plot the downfall of the GP government. The court said that this was irrefutable evidence that this was a case of defamation against the President and also a case of bribery. The company CEO and co-CEO were sentenced to 12 years in the local prison and the company paid the $5 billion to Lala Amarnathpo who donated $4 billion out of the $5 billion to various charities.

Ryan Finyard was also sentenced to 20 years in prison and was banned from voting and contesting in elections for life. After this verdict was announced, the public had immense sympathy for Amarnathpo.

3 thoughts on “Framing the President (#63)

  1. Why didnt Lala Amarnathpo donate the entire $5Billion in Charity? Why did he keep $1Billion for himself? he already was the richest man in Big City – why did he need more?? I think Lala Amarnathpo is greedy.

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    1. He still IS a businessman and has to pay for the lawyers. And after all he went through, OF COURSE he would want a little bit of money, he still DID donate $4 BILLION! So, he is not greedy, it’s normal!


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