Big City’s Heartbreak (#64)

The Big City Football team was ranked 34 in 2037 and had never qualified for the World Cup ever before. The team had consistently failed during the qualifiers despite being the number 4 ranked team in Asia & Oceania. The team had to beat number 2 ranked Iran in order to qualify for the World Cup for the first time ever.

The stage was set for the big day, a draw or a loss would mean another four-year wait but a victory would see them through. Big City had a high moral as the game was at their home ground and they had also managed to beat Iran in the first game in Iran 2-0. The match was taking place at the Creighton Stadium in the State of Big City. It was a full house of 40,000 people who had come to watch the team play and hopefully qualify for the World Cup after years and years of constant disappointment. The game began and very soon the captain, Thomas Catter scored an amazing volley to go up 1-0 at the 22nd minute of the game.

The minutes rolled on and right before halftime, Big City had a corner, the wall came over the crowd of players and Havok Learning headed it into the top right corner of the goal and it was now 2-0. This game was also very important for Iran as a defeat for them would also knock them out.

As the second half began both the sides played very conservatively even Iran who had to score 2 more goals to qualify. At the 90th minute, the official announced 6 more minutes of injury time. (Injury time is extra time added at the end of the game to compensate for lost time attending to injured players or for whenever the ball was out of play) The Iranian players managed to get an amazing goal through a counter attack at the 93rd minute to make it 2-1 but, it was being seen as too little-too late. They had to score another goal within 3 minutes to win the game. There were just 30 seconds left when a miraculous long pass from Saeid Ezatolahi landed right at the feet of Sardar Azmoun who struck the ball into the goal. As soon as the ball landed at the back of the net, the whole stadium fell silent, one could hear a coin drop in the stadium, the only sounds were coming from the celebrating Iranian players and staff. There were wild celebrations by the players. The crowd dispersed as soon as the goal was scored even though the game ended a few seconds later.

This is seen as one of the greatest and most dramatic matches in football history and as a miracle for the Iranians and a huge heartbreak for the Big Citians. The Big Citians had to wait a long while after that to get a chance to play at the World Cup.

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