False Alarm of 2040 (#65)

Big Citians living in a Northern part of Seacity, Dezo woke up to shock and horror on the morning of 1st July, 2040 as they had all received a shocking message from the government that they had to reach the nearest government building for shelter as a deadly dust storm was about to hit the city at 8:00 AM BCST. The message also claimed that the storm could be fatal if people do not take shelter in government bunks. So, as expected, people rushed to the buildings as soon as they could with their pets and some essentials. The government officers were left confused when the people arrived and asked them why they were there. The message had reached roughly 2000 people of a specific neighbourhood. When the people finally found out that it was a false alarm, they rushed back home, angry but, when they returned, most of them found their houses ransacked and almost every single valuable was gone.

There were hundreds of reports made to the police and the BIBC (Bureau for Investigation in Big City) got involved. It was very soon concluded that someone had managed to hack the local government and police servers and managed to send the messages. It was seen as such an elaborate and carefully thought-out plan that it even managed to make international front-pages. A total of 102 houses were hit out of the total 410 which was an astonishing figure.

There had to be a huge group of highly-trained burglars in order to carry out the task. All the CCTV footage had been erased and there were no fingerprints left by them on scene. Nearly 4 million amires worth of items were stolen. ($6 million) This was one of the largest organised robberies ever and the group soon released an online footage of a group of 95 people who claimed to have committed the crime. They called themselves the “Cent Minus Five” and they showed a mountain of the stolen goods at the end of the video. All of the criminals were seated and were wearing black psycho-killer masks.

This was a very chilling video which was sent to professional detectives and tech-experts all over the globe to analyse and determine their location. The IP address was a fake one and the footage was not of any known place. But, on July 3, 2040; Japanese Government Hacker found a way to crack the website’s very secure firewall and found the location and it was the Dezoan state of Porlacza. Porlacza was a neighbouring state to Seacity. The government managed to find the exact address using the street footage of Porlacza which luckily, hadn’t been destroyed. They had used a truck to transport the items but the abandoned area where they had shot the video had been emptied out.

The police asked locals of a small town if they had seen a truck and they said “no” and they even added that they had seen no activity in the abandoned area ever since a manufacturing unit had abandoned it. The police left soon to go back and continue the investigation when one of them noticed something fishy, there were roughly 100 people in the town and all the buildings were looking abandoned and empty as this part of town hadn’t been live in by anyone for decades. The officer who observed this convinced his seniors to search the houses and sure enough, they found all of the stolen items in barrels stacked in basements and some even in the room.

The items were luckily not mixed up by the robbers as they only kept what they stole and therefore, the authorities were able to return the items to the homeowners pretty easily. This case still had a missing link, who had managed to hack into the government servers. The burglars said that they had hired someone online but the police was unable to track down the hacker who is yet to be found.

Out of the 95, one was sentenced to death as he had killed two people camping and exploring the town and 3 who had helped him murder the two men were given life imprisonment which was very soon changed to death too. The other 91 were tried all together and given 15 years in prison but they would be kept a close watch on for the rest of their lives so that the group didn’t ever get back together.

This case still baffles detectives because of how they almost managed to get away with such a huge and organised crime.

2 thoughts on “False Alarm of 2040 (#65)

  1. The hacker seems to be the worst culprit. Untill he or she is found there would always be the risk of another attack threatening even the safety of the people’s lives.

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