Brendonville Academy (#66)

The Brendonville Academy is one of the most prestigious universities in Big City and is famous for the amount of successful sports persons it has produced.

It was founded in 1900 in Coast Town by Anglo-German businessman Brendon Satter. The university is a huge one with many buildings and stadiums. It is nearly 14,000 acres and is regularly featured in the top five colleges worldwide. It has a 5.5% acceptance rate. Apart from the academics, the university has one of the best sports training setup in the world. The graduates of the Academy have went on to shatter records and regularly feature in the top-class tournaments. The Big Citian football team has 3 Brendonville graduates and the cricket team has two. Out of the average 98 medals won by Big City every Olympics (these figures are from 2090 when Big City has established itself as a leading Olympic nation) 22 are won by graduates of the Brendonville Academy.

The Brendonville Academy’s campus has a huge sports centre. Brendonville has a record 34 titles in the Nationwide College Games (NCG – Started in 1980) which is like an Olympics for colleges but takes place annually. The Brendonville Academy is known for its Computer Science and Computer Animation courses too. It is called “Brendonville Academy” as it was originally a high school for German Upper-Classes but it is now a University.

The University is now owned and operated by the richest man in Big City, Lala Amarnathpo.

All facts and figures true as of December, 2090.

2 thoughts on “Brendonville Academy (#66)

  1. Every thing in Big City seems to be owned by Lala Amarnathpo. Is there no law in Big City preventing people from creating monopolies?


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