Crawven Case (#67)

Juergen Crawven was the Big Citian Minister of External Affairs and held a very high position in the ruling Goggle Party. He became a part of the cabinet of Big City after the 2030 elections.

He was pretty good at the job and was building relations between Big City and arch-rivals Germany. He signed the Duetschland-Frado Accords which abolished the Ilitros Tax between the two nations. The relations between the country were at an all-time high.

But, out of the blue, in 2038; he submitted a document to start the impeachment of the Prime Minister of Big City, Mr. Udi Baba. This was taking place just two and a half months after the Finyard incident. (Read it here)

In order to impeach him they had to provide evidence of incapability of governing the nation and/or misbehaviour and after that out of the 223 member of the Parliament, at least half had to agree and finally, a referendum had to take place, a Prime Minister had never been impeached ever before. Crawven produced several documents with false information about the Prime Minister and the Supreme Court started its investigation. The Prime Minister and the Goggle Party knew this was false evidence and reported it to the Supreme Court. Only members of Parliament could file for impeachment and the Prime Minister had to do nothing until the Supreme Court allowed the documents and the next phase began. The Supreme Court, after a week of studying the documents carefully, declared that the documents were indeed real.

Crawven had been able to forge the documents as he had access to Government seals and classified signatures and information as he was working very closely with the Prime Minister.

The Parliamentary Voting was supposed to start two days later on 10th August, 2038 but, investigators for the Prime Minister found almost 800 documents that belonged to Crawven which showed he had German ties and was being paid by the Germans to impeach the Prime Minister to become one himself. The documents were sent via boat so that they couldn’t be tracked and were written in a certain code which was deciphered by the Intelligence. The documents had the full plan which wanted Crawven to impeach the Prime Minister, win public trust and then become the Prime Minister himself. After that, he would try to get into secret negotiations with the Germans and using a Constitutional loophole, he would convert Big City into a German territory. He was getting an undisclosed amount of money for everything but it was estimated to be over a staggering $1,000,000,000.

These documents were verified and confirmed to be real. They were found in Crawven’s basement by investigators disguised as plumbers there to do maintenance work. They had been suspecting Crawven’s ties with Germany due to his suspicious behaviour. The Supreme Court got involved once again and using the documents (dubbed as the “Crawven Leaks”) they were able to prove that the documents submitted for the impeachment were fake and under the 5th Illegality Rule of the Constitution, he was charged with treason of the highest order and was sentenced to death.

The death sentence was later on reduced to a life in prison as he was granted a gubernatorial pardon. This was the first time in the history of Big City that someone had been pardoned from a death sentence.

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