The Attacks That Shook the World (#69)

Tragedy struck the Hubert Neighbourhood in Coandra, Big City.

The neighbourhood had national highways separating it into three triangular localities. (called the Diamond Triangle, the Ruby Triangle & the Glass Triangle) The locality housed middle-class families and was considered relatively safe. But, on the 8th of August, 2050, something happened. A huge bomb-blast took place on one of the highways and around 80 houses got totally destroyed. This took place near the Diamond Triangle and ambulances started coming in very soon. The place was soon swarmed with police when not 20 minutes later, another bomb went off in one of the houses of the Glass Triangle, killing many police officers and paramedics on scene and this bomb dealt almost thrice the damage as the previous one. The military was notified and the tanks and the air force came in to check the area and the bomb team was sent to search each house for bombs.

After nearly 18 hours of constant searching and checking, they couldn’t find another bomb when a helicopter came over the Ruby Triangle and dropped a black bag which exploded on impact and was just as powerful as the previous bomb. The helicopter was white one but was spray-painted with the words “Him-Uq”. The world’s deadliest terror group had struck again.

The whole locality was evacuated as soon as possible with Big City Airways 80-seaters landing on the massive 32-lane highway (World’s Widest) very close to the Hubert Neighbourhood. A total of 12 flights took place to transport 948 people from the neighbourhood to Dezo’s Lona Intl. Airport.

The official death toll turned out to be a staggering 3880 fatalities and countless injuries with 890 dead in the first attack, 1997 in the second and 993 in the third one. This made it the largest & the most deadliest terrorist attack in the world surpassing the 9/11 attacks almost 49 years back.

All schools in the country were shut down for the next three days for safety and each neighbourhood was closely patrolled for the next year or so. The bombers had all died while detonating the bomb but the mastermind, Bunty Amarnathpo was still at large and was not caught despite the country’s best efforts.

A 15-day mourning period was announced during which every news broadcast had to wear a black-tie, all national flags had to be flown at half-mast and all sportsperson had to wear black armbands during all of their games.



3 thoughts on “The Attacks That Shook the World (#69)

  1. The Him-Uq seems to have been inspired by Let or Jem and probably even more by the now almost defunct Al quaida. Indian Govt. should study this blog and take appropriate safety precautions.


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