The Strange Monk (Part 1) (#70)

On May 20, 2090; a strange man wearing an all-blue piece of cloth sat on a rock overlooking the famous Jaded Waterfalls in the Dezoan city of Rumas. The man had a shaved head and was old-looking (Refer to this blog for knowing the aging phenomenon in Big City), he people described him as a monk. He had one distinct feature, he had a moustache. He kept humming the tune of a song with his eyes closed. People started gathering around him and noticing him. After one full day of eating and drinking nothing, he finally said, “Hello, my children. I have descended from the land above to preach and know the meaning of life.” This captivated a lot of people but many dismissed it off claiming the monk to be a con man. But, after a whole another day, he ate nothing and drank nothing and people started admiring his capabilities and dedication.

On the third day, a person brought a piece of bread and a glass of water for the now-famous monk who was creating a buzz on the internet with millions of people posting about him, tweeting about him and making videos about him. The monk slowly took the bread and started eating it and then he drank the glass of water. He had not opened his eyes once even once through all of this. After eating and drinking, he slowly opened his eyes and said, “I need to see this kind being who has brought me the gifts of food and water.” He blessed the person. Slowly more & more people started bringing him food and he started to gain a lot of media attention but he spoke only once in two days saying quotes like, “God is watching us.”, “May you be blessed by Him.” and many more.

He started to gain a large following when one day a person asked him, “Please, sir, tell us what we can do for you.” Though, he usually never answered any questions, he replied “You, my followers, the Gradashees need not do anything except stay loyal to Gradashee Clan and be kind to one another.” This was the first time he mentioned the name of his group, Gradashee. A group of people created which began being accepted as the official website for the clan. More than 100,000 people signed up and so many people started showing up to watch him that the a group of volunteers, rather than removing the monk, they put a little fence near the area where the monk sat so that people could come one by one and meet the monk in order to not overcrowd him. Some Gradashees volunteered to take shifts monitoring the area and ensuring the monk’s safety.

But still, no one knew his name, his age, where he came from and basically nothing else. People started to ask, who was he?

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