The Strange Monk (Part 2) (#71)

After a few weeks, the hype around the Strange Monk was higher than ever, he would still not say more than two or three sentences a day and finally, he revealed his name and said, “My name is Hayunu Gradashee.” This created a buzz on the internet and people started selling T-Shirts and Mugs with the name ‘Hayunu Gradashee’ on them.

He started gaining a cult following and after about a month, he caught the Prime Minister’s attention. He saw his face on the news and felt a weird sensation on seeing it, he felt as if it was a bit too familiar to him. Slowly, he realised that this curiosity was too much for him to keep his mind on his work so he visited the Jaded Falls on 15th June, 2090 and met the priest, the priest opened his eyes and calmly said, “I am honoured to meet you Mr. Amarnathpo.” (Yes, he was the Prime Minister at the time) the Prime Minister talked to him for a while which was also the first time that Hayunu had a conversation with someone but it was a brief one.

After spending about 15 minutes at the Jaded Falls, he left the place and in a public press release he stated:

“His nature is different, it is calm, eerie and just different. He intrigues me and everyone around him, be it in a good or a bad manner. I wanted to meet him in person and know what this man was doing in our country’s most beautiful sight, the Jaded Falls. The conversation I had with him was general and brief. He told me he was here to preach.”

Lala Amarnathpo headed back to his head office with one question still on his mind, Who is he?

Meanwhile, people set up an online fund for the Monk to provide him with fresh clothes, food, water and other things which accumulated an unprecedented $65,000 which showed the world just how big his following was. Analysts and theorists all over the world started analysing and theorising how this man gained such a huge following within the span of just a month, it was a wonderful achievment.

Back in the Prime Minister’s Office in Ran City, Ran, the Prime Minister was being handed a confidential and sealed document containing everything about Hayunu Gradashee.

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