The Strange Monk (Part 3) (#72)

As the Prime Minister held the sealed envelope in is hand, he asked everyone to leave his office room as he wanted to read it in private.

He slid out the yellow piece of paper from the white envelope and flipped it over. The title read “National DNA Testing Agency”. The test result said: “positive”. Lala Amarnathpo was in absolute shock, he could not believe what he was seeing.

He had had his secretary pluck out an arm hair of the monk and then had it tested against Amarnathpo’s own hair to check whether the monk was Lala Amarnathpo’s estranged brother who had been a feared terrorist before he had disappeared in 2060. The Big Citian military had never been able to catch or kill him.

When he had seen the monk in the news and in person, he could not help but feel like there was an eerie similarity between the two, it also helped that the monk had the same neck mark in the shape of an ‘X’ which Bunty had since his birth. No one was able to identify the new Bunty with all the disguises but Lala could, with the help of that neck mark. The public had also never seen a clear picture of Bunty, only grainy CCTV footage so, they couldn’t properly identify him. Lala having grown up with him till he was 12, could identify certain features of Bunty and the vague facial similarities too.

The test proved that the monk was Bunty himself and so, Lala Amarnathpo immediately ordered the army and the police to move in and arrest Bunty Amarnathpo. When the military moved into the Jaded Falls and arrested the meditating monk, people grew violent and started attacking the soldiers. The soldiers used force to hold the people back and forced the monk into a military helicopter and flew away to the most secure prison in Big City, the Gruergen Prison. (Rouzaki, Fezo)

When the helicopter landed, the shackled monk who had a calm expression was taken to an interrogation room where none other than Lala Amarnathpo was waiting for him.

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8 thoughts on “The Strange Monk (Part 3) (#72)

  1. Why did the people (and particularly the secret service of the army) got so easily fooled by the Monk’s disguise?


    1. He spent 30-40 years working on the perfect disguise, changing his voice, and taking medication to change his face. Also, the public had never seen a proper image of Bunty as he was never caught and only grainy CCTV footage was available in which he was visible. Only Lala could recognize him as he knew him since his childhood and could identify him with the help of a small neck mark he had got when he was 3


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