The Strange Monk (Part 4) (#73)

The monk with a calm face, entered the interrogation room in which Lala Amarnathpo was sitting.

The Prime Minister asked him to sit down and then said, “I will ask you a series of questions which you have to answer truthfully with simply “Yes” or “No”, the failure of doing so may end with you behind bars. Do you understand?” “Yes, sir” the monk who was actually Bunty replied. “Are you Bunty Amarnathpo, the former leader of the Him-Uq?” “Yes.” “Are you my estranged brother?” “Yes.” “Have you ever been arrested before?” “No.” “Are you to be held responsible for the Him-Uq attacks?” “Yes.” “Did you have any wrong intentions when you started sitting and meditating at the Jaded Falls?” “Yes.”

After this, the Prime Minister took down the information on a tablet and then continued, “You need not answer with “Yes” or “No” now, why did you start Gradashee-ism?” “Frankly, sir, I have been trying to help the people by becoming their leader and since they were not ready to accept that the world needed my help I needed to it by force, prompting me to form Him-Uq and when that too seemed to not make too much of an impact, I decided to use the strongest weapon of mankind, religion.” “You will be taken to court in three minutes where your quantum of sentence will be decided by the Supreme Court Judge.” “Okay.”

Lala Amarnathpo came out of the room with clear anger on his face which he was trying to repress it so as to not lash in anger. He told the guards to take him away to the court. Thousands of people were lined up in front of the Supreme Court yelling, “Death for him! Death for him!”

Bunty was taken into the courtroom where the judge put into force the Article 23-08A of the Constitution which stated, “Any person who is responsible for forming or being a member or donor to any terrorist group which has directly affected the life of any Big Citian shall be put to death.” This Article had been created 2045 because of increased Him-Uq terror activity so that the terrorists could be convicted and punished swiftly. Within an hour, Bunty was sentenced to death by a firing squad which was reserved only for deadly criminals who committed crimes of the highest order while other death-row inmates were hung. The last time that the firing squad had been used was over 40 years ago for Crawven. (Crawven Case Part 2)

The country rejoiced as the execution was scheduled for the next morning.

Upcoming blog: “The Grand Execution” Release Date: 26-28 August, 2018

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