The Grand Execution (#74)

The day was 1st July, 2090; Big City was getting ready for the execution of the much-feared Bunty Amarnathpo. Though executions are not something associated with celebration, this one was different, schools and offices had been shut & people were celebrating the end of a horrible & painful era.

Bunty Amaranthpo, responsible for the deaths of well over 10,000 people was about to face the firing squad. Still, people were not allowed to watch the execution as televised executions were illegal in Big City. People stood outside the Gruergen Prison, waiting for the sirens that would be blared to mask the sounds of gunshots.

“#JusticeForUs” was a trending hashtag and a few anti-excution people also agreed that this was an exceptional case in which justice had to be delivered. This was one of the few capital punishments in history which was being celebrated. News Channels were ready to announce the death of Bunty, people were about to break out in celebration, the world  was about to become a tad less dangerous, it was about to be a victory of the world over terrorism. It was about to be.

Bunty was taken out into the yard where he was placed against a wall with a blindfold over his eyes when suddenly he disappeared through the wall.

Bunty had had several Him-Uq members create a vast network of tunnels underneath the execution yard with a trapdoor which using a special technique could open (One could do it with his feet tied too.), placed underneath where the death-row inmate would stand. He had this done 50 years ago before conducting the “Attacks That Shook the World“, as he feared that he could get caught and knew that he would be executed in the Gruergen Prison as it was where all the high-profile criminals were executed. He also knew that he was the most wanted criminal so he would definitely get death by firing squad.

Once he was down in the tunnel system, the police and army started digging the yard and used detectors to detect the tunnels system which they had never done in the past 50 years. The detector detected a tunnel and they dug through and caught Bunty crawling away. The tunnel was too small so, they threw a hook which dug into Bunty’s back and pulled him towards themselves. They quickly hauled him up and this time they tied him to a pole this time, the commander yelled, “Any last words?” “I gave you guys a hard time!” yelled Bunty when the commander yelled “3…..2…..1….Fire!” and Bunty dropped dead.

The news channels gave headlines, “Bunty Amarnathpo Executed.” & “End of Him-Uq Leader Bunty.” no where was it mentioned that he had tried to escape because the news never got out to the public.

But the whole Big City erupted with joy and celebrated all day long. Finally after years and years, Bunty Amarnathpo was dead.

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