The Lisa Airport (#75)

The Lisa Airport is an airport located in Coandra, Dezo and is the largest international airport in Big City. It was inaugrated in 2000. It is the largest airport alongside Chicago O’Hare Airport in terms of the number of runways with 8 runways.

It is the hub of prominent Big Citian Airlines such as Big City Airways, Air Konnekt & Dezo Air and also international airlines such as Qantas, Emirates, Air India & Delta. It is owned and operated by the Busicity Group. It was rated the number one airport for 15 years running (2010-2024). It has one of the tightest security yet it is very efficient.

The airport recently also opened a plane-watching deck from where passengers can get an amazing view of the planes landing and taking off. The airport has a shuttle service which is free of cost if you are arriving.

A famous incident of this airport is that it arranged shuttles for people who had their flights cancelled and also gave them a full refund. The buses had the airline liveries and also had the classic meal service and the announcements too. This incident has often been dubbed as the “Grounded Plane Service”. The airport also has a huge indoor basketball court where passengers can pass time and also free-to-use realisitc flight simulators.

It serves an astonishing 85 million people annually and in spite of the free services, it remains the most profitable airport thanks to the airport shops and airline airport parking fees.

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