Skycar (#76)

Skycar is a Big Citian aerospace corporation which was founded by Edward Argerbay in May of 2022. He famously said these words during the unveiling of Skycar’s first aircraft, the Skycar SKY-1:

“My aim is to topple the likes of Airbus & Boeing, we will not produce general aviation neither will we make smaller aircrafts, we will make aircrafts to compete with the likes of the 737 or the 747, the A320 or the A380.”

The SKY-1 was a smaller aircraft which was pretty similar in size to the Boeing 737-800 with a seating capacity of 170 people. Skycar’s chief selling point was that the SKY-1 was rated the safest Aircraft toppling the Boeing 787 by the International Aircraft Safety Association (IASA).

The SKY-1 was also technologically superior to its older competitors with an almost fully-automated landing system and pilots and ground staff required very little training to shift from a 737 or an A320 to a SKY-1. Airline companies also cashed in money for the SKY-1 as it had a high fuel efficiency even after it was pretty old so that they wouldn’t have to retire the plane. The plane’s cost was also similar to that of a similar-sized aircraft.

The SKY-1 took its first flight during the 20th Coandra Air Show, Coandra is also where Skycar is headquartered. Many prominent budget-airlines placed orders for the aircraft and airlines such as Virgin Australia & Indigo Airlines. Many regional airlines across the world such Transavia, KLM Cityhopper and Allegiant Air ordered the SKY-1 but the largest order was made by a brand new Big Citian low-cost airline which was yet to buy its first plane, Dezo Air ordered a massive 380 SKY-1s intending to create an all-SKY-1 fleet to reduce operating costs.

Since the release of the SKY-1, Skycar has released two more similarly-sized SKY-2 & SKY-9 and also its largest plane SKY-10 which was released in 2038 and became the second-largest passenger aircraft by size just behind the Airbus A380-800 and ahead of the Airbus A340-600. The largest buyer of Skycar is the Big City Airways with 420 of its 890 aircraft bought from Skycar.

Skycar also owns a Formula One team (Read about it here)

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