Independence Day Celebrations (#78)

In Big City, the Independence Day is one of the biggest holidays if the year. The Independence Day is on October 20 celebrating Big City’s independence from Germany on October 20, 1945.

All offices and schools are shut down on the day and many even shut down for the days adjacent to the Independence Day. (October 19 & October 21) On the eve of the Independence day, thousands gather in front of the Town Hall of Ran City which was the German Headquarters in pre-independence Big City and then light torches chanting, “Das Flemme! Das Flemme!” The actual occurring of the night of October 19 was that the crowd burnt a Nazi flag but due to a law that criminalised the burning of any piece of cloth publicly, the burning of the flag is not a part of the celebrations. People roam around the city with the torches chanting the slogan with the Big Citian flags held high.

Generally, people stay awake till 12AM on the 20th of October and as soon as the Independence Day arises, people start chanting the national anthem. There are celebrations all over the country. On 20th of October at 11:30 AM, the Prime Minister and President address the nation from the balcony of the parliament and at the end of the speech at 12 PM, the “Daras Tlig Frado” begins in five places all over Big City. “Daras Tlig Frado” is an 11-hour long English play organised by the “Big Citian Theatre of Arts & Drama” in different venues throughout the country on 20th October from 12 PM to 11 PM. It usually takes place in parks or stadiums with tens of thousands of people there to watch it. It tells the story of the Independence of Big City in detail and is considered one of the greatest plays of Big City with renowned film stars acting in it. It has won several awards at the International Play Festival too.

The Independence Day in Big City is a festival which celebrates unity and patriotism and is no less than any other religious festival.

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