Isle of Heuslia Resort (#79)

On the coast of the Australian District of Big City is the one of the most famous resorts of the Southern Hemisphere, the Isle of Heuslia Resort.

It was founded in May of 2018 by the Heuslia Trading Company who bought three private beaches on the coast and the land surrounding it. They officially renamed the place “The Isle of Heuslia” construction began in May and was completed by the middle of 2020. The resort is littered with cozy red and white cottages and has three sprawling mansions overlooking the ocean. The cottages are arranged in lines and along with the roads, they have small swimming pool-channels in which people can swim.

It has the largest swimming pool in the world beating the San Alfonso de Mar Resort’s swimming pool in Chile, the swimming pool also has two yachts in it which people can rent. The most unique thing about the resort is that there is a 20,000-seater football stadium right in the middle of the resort which hosts local games and the guests at the resort can also book it. The resort has a central building with an underground library and three floors of pet hotels.

It has won the Viola Resort of the Year Award for a record 20 times with twelve of those being continuous.

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