Nabbing the Traitor (#80)

On 8th of December, 2056; a man named James Hurton declared the Big Citian island city of Lona an independent country. This happened 40 years after Lona joined Big City from the United Kingdom after a referendum was held in which 97.3% of Lonans has voted ‘YES’.

Everything was going well in Lona until James Hurton, a local businessman rallied to the top of the Mt. Lona at the center of the city with the Lonan City Flag and planted it at the top of the mountain along with 60 other participants and declared Lona an independent country. This news didn’t gain much attention as no one acknowledged it until the Middle Eastern countries of Yemen & Syria recognized Lona. This enraged the Big Citian government who cut ties with both the countries.

Slowly, the movement started gaining national and some international attention. James Hurton was finally summoned to court and when he didn’t show up, it was discovered that he had gone missing. Slowly, Hurton started bribing people to create disturbance in the city to distract the police from finding him. It was later revealed that Hurton had also paid billions to Syria and Yemen to recognize Lonan independence. During this one week period, scores of men and women were killed in violence caused by the Hurton men.

The Big Citian Prime Minister finally gave an address to the nation in which he asked James Hurton for a diplomatic meeting in Ran at the Prime Minister’s residence and guaranteed him that he would not be arrested for treason. Hurton after much thought decided to go to Ran thinking that he would be able to gain independence from Lona or maybe arise at some compromise. Three days after the invitation, Hurton arrived at the residence of the Prime Minister where security guards tackled him and placed him under arrest. When Hurton argued that the government had said that they would not place him under arrest for treason, the officials replied by saying, “We are not placing you under arrest for treason, you are being placed under arrest for missing court and for causing proven violence in your locality.

After that, the Indirect Violence Act was imposed on Hurton due to which he was held responsible for the deaths of 85 individuals and was sentenced to death and a week later, he was promptly executed.

This case remains famous for how the Big Citian government managed lure Hurton out of hiding and arrested him while keeping their word.

This technique of arresting James Hurton was praised my many but some disapproved of it but that was just a small group of people.

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