The Flame Monument (#81)

The flame monument is the most popular and most visited monument in Big City. It is located in the capital of the country, Ran City and was built by Big Citian workers in 1946, a year after Big Citian independence.

The workers were all working for factories owned by German industrialists and after several national leaders urged them to boycott German factories, they all quit their jobs on Independence Day 1946 and started building the Flame Monument which symbolized the famous flame which was used to burn down the flag of Nazi Germany and the same flame which is on the Big Citian flag.

The monument is made entirely out of limestone and has an inscription which has the names of all the workers who helped build the monument. The monument is surrounded by lush green gardens covered with Frado Glipsoes (City Roses), the national flower of Big City. The monument is exactly 45.2010m tall as Big City gained its independence on the 20th of October, 1945. The monument can be entered through a trap door which was not open to the public until 2010 and the interior is richly decorated with mosaics depicted various moments from Big City’s past and has small statues of the Big Citian Independence heroes. The interior of the monument used to contain a lot of the jewels and gold the Big Citians stole from the Germans during the war of Independence before it was transferred to the National Treasury in Coandra.

There is also an annual Monument-Climbing contest in which ten selected people try to climb the monument with protective gear but unassisted. It takes on 10th December every year to mark the birthday of Hugh Marksman, an independence hero. The winner of the contest gets his name inscribed on a stone tablet kept inside the monument.

The monument has been threatened by terrorist organizations such as Him-Uq several times but due to the heavily guarded entrance and 24×7 drone surveillance, the monument has never been attacked by any such group.

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