The Passport Accident (#82)

This is one of the most famous incident in Big City for being so silly. On 29th September, 2018, the Ministry of Passport & Travel had a malfunction in its software due to which the entire database of the country’s passport-holders was erased. The people at the airports went for Immigration where their passport was denied and they were not allowed to enter the country.

Whenever the passport was scanned, it showed “No Result” in the computers which made the officers think that the passports were fakes. Due to this many civilians were stuck at the airport but, slowly the news about the malfunction started to spread and the officers came to know about that. Still, due to security reasons, they were not allowed to immigrate them and had to wait for a resolution.

After three hours of panicking in the Headquarters of the Passport & Travel Ministry, three young men managed to retrieve the data and get it back into the database. Furious travelers were finally allowed to enter the country and several complaints were filed. The Passport & Travel Minister, Mr. Flavio Roqué met with the CEO of Gundunsson Co., the company which managed and created the database. The government filed a case against Gundunsson which they won after it was declared that the company was responsible for using flawed coding in the software with the motive of saving money on running checks.

What followed was a 500 Amire Compensation to anyone who was not allowed to immigrate in that three to four hour period and the CEO of Gundunsson Co. resigning. But, the government continued to use the software to keep records as it was determined that it would be too difficult to transfer such sensitive information without much hassle.

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