The Elections of 2040 – A Close Contest (#83)

The Election Campaign for the 2040 Big Citian Prime Ministerial and Presidential elections kicked off in February, 2040. The main contestants were Peace Party & Goggle Party but the party that had formed the non-elected provisional government in 1950 and the first fully-elected government in 1990 and then in 2000 and 2010 was missing, the Independence Party.

Just a year before the elections the Independence Party had decided to merge with the rapidly growing Peace Party which was lead by Eva Cascarret. Eva Cascarret had served as the Chief Justice of the Country from 2030 to 2032 before resigning citing personal reasons and then joining the Peace Party 2 years later, in 2034. She based the election campaign around introducing new foreign policies and reducing import tariffs on Germany introduced by Lala Amarnathpo & Udi Baba.

She made the people realize how the Goggle Party government had gradually increased taxation on the common people. She produced a “mock report” during the election campaign in which she published a 250-page journal detailing everything her government would do to improve the condition of different social classes in Big City and she even provided a detailed account of where every bit of public money would go to if they’d form the government.

In the months that followed, Cascarret from the Peace Party and Lala Amarnathpo from the Goggle Party held several debates on news stations where they pointed out drawbacks to each-other’s policies. Knowing that his popularity was more than Udi Baba’s, Lala Amarnathpo announced two weeks before the polling day that if voted into power, he would be the next Prime Minister and Udi Baba would be the next President like it was from 2020-2030 before they had switched their roles.

Rather than this acting as a boost to the Goggle Party, it had a Cobra Effect as Eva pointed out the instability in the Goggle Party in how they kept switching such huge and important roles so easily every term. Still, polls predicted a narrow victory for the Goggle Party which would make them the second party after the Independence Party to win a 3rd successive national election.

But, that did not happen, the results were out on the night of 8th June, 2040 according to which the Peace Party bagged an unprecedented 112 seats which the bare minimum required for a majority while the Goggle Party won 110 seats with the last remaining one seat going to the AKPP. (Areyano Kulio Politique Partiee translates to Sovereign Public Political Party)

Two days later, Udi Baba and Lala Amarnathpo gave their concession speeches and Eva Cascarret became the first female Prime Minister of the country while the new President was her brother, Johan Cascarret.

Many theorize that one of the contributing factors to Goggle Party’s defeat was the Crawven Case in 2030.

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