2038 Football World Cup (#84)

In the 2026 FIFA meeting, eight countries bid to host the 2038 FIFA World Cup and Big City decided to bid after careful consideration.

At the time, the Big City football team was still considered a bit of an underdog, ranked 40th in world football and having never had qualified for a World Cup. But, Big City had the necessary infrastructure for the hosting of the world cup. The hosts has to file a full report on what they would do as hosts by December 2029. Big City ran enormous global surveys to get opinions of football fans on how they would want the World Cup to be conducted.

On the 30th of December, 2029 FIFA meeting, Big City filed the document where it was read clause by clause and then each countries file was voted upon anonymously. The results and the host would be announced on 28th March, 2030.

People in Big City were ecstatic as the possibility of a Big City-hosted World Cup opened up. The Big Citians were especially excited by the idea of seeing their national team playing at the World Cup. Artists started sending in logo ideas for the World Cup and finally the day came. The FIFA President opened the envelope and revealed to the entire World Cup; the host of the 2038 FIFA World Cup and it was Big City!

Within hours, the Big Citian streets were flooded with fans who just couldn’t wait for the World Cup to come.

Sadly, the President of Big City, Johan Cascarret later announced in February 2031 that Big City can’t host the football World Cup as it goes against the nation’s best interests as the plans made by the Big City Football Association (BCFA) were not profitable for the nation and couldn’t be afforded by the BCFA nor by the Big Citian government.

This lead to people protesting against the President and the opposition politicians took advantage of the situation to help shift support towards themselves. FIFA highly criticized this act and in January 2032 it selected Australia as the new host. A group of notorious football fans called the “La Jaemunfoot” even organised an assassination of the President which was caught in its early stages and resulted in 30 years imprisonment for all 15 members.

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