The Rückkehreze Fest (#85)

The Rückkehreze Fest is a Big Citian festival celebrated on the last day of February ever year. It takes place on the 28th of February in non-leap years and on the 29th of February during leap years.

“Rückkehreze” means “return” in Benoz and the origin of the festival dates back to the end of the 19th century. During that time, Big City was a German colony and every year they would send many ships to the Linmar Islands or as they were known as in German & Benoz “Linmar-Inseln”. This island was pretty small, was near Indonesia and had deposits of gold in pockets, these ships would be filled with German workers who were known as “Gold Crushers” and would bring back a lot of gold. They would return at the end of February and then sell gold in the “Rückkehreze Fest” where there’d be dancing and parties.

This expedition stopped in 1948 when Indonesia and Big City came to the agreement that Big City won’t be allowed to mine on Indonesian land as the Linmar Islands were declared Indonesian territory in 1945 and most of the gold had already been mined out by Germans at that time. Still, the celebrations continued, mostly symbolic with dancing, partying at the traditional buying and selling of gold jewelry.

This is a holiday in the country with people often gathering in town squares for a fair and having a good time. The Rückkehreze Fest attracts tourists from all over the world who visit different cities to see each localities separate fair. It is customary for the Minister of Mines to declare the best fair at the end of the day on live TV, a tradition started by Karol Gunderson in 1952.

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