The Morgan Palace Disaster (#86)

The Morgan Palace Disaster took place on 20th November, 2052. The Morgan Palace is a football stadium home to the local team Cyber Chaos. A league game between Cyber Chaos and Nolaze Arrow was taking place and it was 30 minutes into the game when a small explosion took place inside Nolaze’s dressing room.

The explosion couldn’t be heard but had killed one cleaner was cleaning the room. Immediately, security was alerted and before they could inform the match officials to suspend the match, another, much larger explosion took place in the East Stands leading to the stand collapsing and killing 68 people. One player was injured after a piece of falling debris managed to fly away and hit his back but he recovered within a week.

The players were immediately rushed into secure places while the crowd, in a surprisingly systematical way, exited the stadiums with the help of police officers. Within 14 minutes, the whole crowd of 41,530 people was dispersed but there was still a huge fear of another bomb being there inside the stadium. The National Squad for Terrorism & Bomb Control (NSTBC) arrived and searched the entire stadium, finding one black bag with a deactivated bomb inside.

After much investigation, a CCTV footage showed a man trying to activate the bomb in the black bag inside the stadium but then hurryingly walking away after seeing a police officer patrolling the area. Several different CCTV cameras tracked the man’s movements to a small apartment in downtown Cyber. The police then went to the house to find five people having committed suicide. The has remained unclear but this attack is remembered as the most dreadful sporting tragedy in Big Citian history and is often assumed to be the last act of Him-Uq before the terrorist groups mysterious disappearance.

As a tribute to the victims, the match was replayed at the home of Nolaze Arrow two weeks later and was continued from where it was left off at the 32nd minute with the final score being a 4 – 1 victory for Cyber Chaos. All the teams from the league wore black armbands for the next 8 games.

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