Quadruple Decker Highway (#88)

Big City had a huge traffic problem in the 2030s because the busiest road route in the country, highway 75 running from Coandra to Leyland Town regularly kept backing up onto smaller roads due to congestion.

This traffic was taking a toll on the happiness index of the citizens and more importantly, the nations economy due to many good not being delivered to factories and stores on time. The erstwhile President, Lala Amarnathpo sat a committee which after eight days of careful consideration devised the plan for the construction of the world’s first ever ‘Quadruple Decker Highway’. The four lane road could not be further broadened because in order to broaden it, several prominent factories would have to be shut down and many government offices would also have to be relocated which would have costed a lot of money and was not feasible. This new highway would have four levels like in a parking lot.

The new plan consisted of each exit having four entries; one for each level with each entry telling the driver the recommended level to take according to the traffic density on each road so as to not congest any single road. At first, people were doubtful of the idea but seven years later, after the completion of the gigantic task, the quadruple highway was inaugurated by the Prime Minister. This new highway system proved to be very effective with traffic flowing much more smoothly and traffic jams becoming unheard of on the highway.


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