The Skraperr Award Story (Part One) (#89)

Big Citian chemist & biologist Paige Ingram, a professor at the Big City University had made international headlines after modifying the Smoldorus element (see blog #55) to help in curing cancer in 2045, 8 years after the discovery of Smoldorus.

This was considered as one of the largest leaps towards curing cancer and made Ingram the front-runner for the Nobel Prize in Medicine. Ingram received 20,000,000 Amires ($30,000,000) as a reward from the Big Citian government out of which, she donated three quarters to cancer research institutions. No one had ever been more likely to win a Nobel Prize for two reasons; the first was that it was a huge discovery and the second was that there was no other major discovery in the field of medicine in that year.

The committee had a large portion of its members working at the Grandsonne Insitituer de Chemins (GIC) in Finland and this was a huge disadvantage to Paige Ingram. Ingram had publicly slammed the GIC for wasting resources on “pointless research” and also questioned the intellect of the members of the research team of the GIC. She thought that the GIC was wasting donations and “had not achieve anything”. These accusations had taken place just two years before and were not received well by the GIC and its research team.

Therefore, the prize was sabotaged by the GIC members of the committee and the Nobel Prize was handed to Garry Henrik of the United Kingdom. This shocked the world and everyone and to make matters worse, just four hours later, a “Wiki Leaks” article was published providing irrefutable evidence of the GIC members sabotaging the vote to ensure that Ingram didn’t win. This landed the eight members in hot water and made them lose their jobs and paying hefty fines. Still, the award was not given to Paige Ingram due to certain stipulations in the Nobel Prize guidelines. This angered the entire Big Citian science community which decided to do something about it and after a year, it introduced the Skraperr Award, named after Kramen Skrapper, the discoverer of Smoldurus.

Part Two – Click Here

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