The Skraperr Award Story (Part Two) (#90)

After the introduction of the Skraperr Award, the Big Citian Science Community spent loads of money in marketing the Skraperr Award to make it seem prestigious and slowly, various genius minds from around the world started the #BoycottNobel Campaign to protest against the injustice done against Paige Ingram.

Various people didn’t attend the Nobel Prize ceremony but they did attend the Skraperr Award. The first ceremony took place at the Creighton Stadium in the State of Big City on 10th December, 2046 where a crowd of thousands came to see the ceremony, there was a huge opening ceremony with singers from around the world performing and the award was given in twelve categories; Skraperr Award for Sports, Skraperr Award for Music, Skraperr Award for Art, Skraperr Award for Chemistry, Skraperr Award for Biology & Medicine, Skraperr Award for Chemistry, Skraperr Award for Physics, Skraperr Award for Mathematics, Skraperr Peace Award, Skraperr Economics Award, Skraperr Award for Literature & a Skraperr Miscellaneous Award given to people from varying fields.

The prize money was doubled from Nobel Prize’s $2 million to an enormous $4 million.

The ceremony began with the Skraperr Award for Sports being awarded to English footballer Harry Kane who had done his country proud by winning the World Cup in 2046, the Skraperr Award for Music was given to Andrew Schmerr who was a Big Citian violinist and so on, the final award was the Skraperr Award for Biology & Medicine which was awarded to Paige Ingram who was the reason the whole award started.

Over a few years, the Skraperr Award overtook the Nobel Prize in prestige and was lauded as the biggest honor that a person could receive.

This is the Skraperr Award Story

For Part One – Click Here

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