The Murder of Jetson Payne (#91)

The Murder of Jetson Payne is the most one of the most famous cases in Big Citian history. Jetson Payne was the head of the Big Citian Anti-Narcotics Department (BCAND) and was appointed to the position in the March of 2028. The BCAND in-spite of its name, was not only in Big City but was also responsible for narcotic crackdown in ten countries, South Africa, Zimbabwe, Brazil, Argentina, Colombia, Uruguay, Paraguay, Kenya, New Zealand, Australia & Big City.

It was formed jointly by the governments of Australia, New Zealand & Big City and is headquartered in Big City. It has supreme powers in Australia, New Zealand and Big City but not in the other seven countries. The BCAND was known as being pretty powerless and corrupt since it had not been able to shut down any major drug cartels. Payne was assigned the role of boss as he promised to change that and he did. He shut down two of the most feared drug cartels in the world; one in Colombia and the other in Kenya within four months of his arrival. He was reportedly offered upwards of $10 million to let the Junisckca Drug Cartel of Paraguay smuggle drugs into Big City and but he refused.

This concerned drug lords from around the world since the previous heads of the BCAND accepted bribes and allowed their businesses to run with ease but Jetson Payne was determined to crackdown drugs and narcotics worldwide.

He was given a lot of security as death threats began rolling in by October, 2028 after he arrested the heads of the Juniscka & Alvares Drug Cartels and was threatening to do the same with the others. He moved around in bulletproof vehicles with tens of bodyguards always with him. In January, 2029; Jetson Payne had to attend the United Nations conference in New York to discuss about the BCAND over there but he was not allowed to fly on a commercial airliner due to security reasons. He was given the Prime Minister’s Aircraft, the National Carrier 360 to fly to New York. He boarded the plane and landed safely when tragedy struck.

For enhanced security, Payne was initially supposed to go directly into the building of the John F Kennedy International Airport using a Jetway but, due to certain issues, he had to take a car from the airport Tarmac to the terminal and this proved to be fatal for Payne. He safely exited the aircraft and entered the car and then the unexpected happened, the driver started to drive the car at an incredible 250 kilometers and hour and headed straight into a pillar and crashed the car there but escaped one second before the collision by jumping out of the driver’s seat. The car burned down and killed all three who were on board during the collision, including Jetson Payne. The driver, who was identified as a 38-year old male named Henry Jamerson, claimed that the crash was due to a malfunction in the car but, almost everyone was still suspicious of him. There was still a lack of evidence against him and he couldn’t be arrested. A court case was ran on him and he was found “not guilty” due to lack of evidence and was released. The very next day he flew to Russia where he applied for a permanent residency.

Three weeks later, voice recordings came into light, apparently, there had been a small Bluetooth device in the car meant for listening to music which also had a microphone for voice commands and the device had captured the voice recording of Jamerson yelling to Payne, “You’ll regret this, you idiot! You should’ve taken the ten mil! Now tell me how Hell is!” (sic) The device was somehow discovered weeks later and had survived the crash, the recording was recovered from the company which made the device. Further investigation also proved that Jamerson was a repeated drug user and had worked for many drug lords all his life,

The United States asked Russia to extradite Jamerson but Russia refused and Jamerson is still roaming free despite being proven guilty for triple homicide.

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