Bank of Piggy (#92)

The Bank of Piggy is one of the top banks of Big City and was founded in 2012 by Henrik Jurgenn. Jurgenn was the CEO of Big City’s National Bank when he resigned and took out a huge loan from the Big City National Bank (BCNB) to start his own bank called “The Bank of Piggy” named after the classic piggy bank.

The Bank of Piggy’s chief attraction point was the low interest rate loans that it provided and it also tied up with several hundred top companies in the world to provide discounts on Bank of Piggy credit cards. The Bank of Piggy, in its debut year, launched the “Piggy Day” which was the 18th of December where on several huge online websites such as Amazon & Alibaba, people holding Bank of Piggy credit cards could get huge discounts. This boosted the number of accounts in the Bank of Piggy and within two years, Jurgenn repaid the BCNB the loan.

A little while later, the Bank of Piggy came under fire for disabling their credit cards from working on certain websites to divert customer traffic to other websites which paid the Bank of Piggy to do so. This led to the Bank of Piggy being sued and being forced to pay a compensation of $765 million to various of these websites based on projections of lost revenue. Still, this hardly impacted the bank’s growth and it overtook the BCNB as the country’s largest bank in 2048. In recent years, there has also been a speculation that the BCNB may be bought by the Bank of Piggy or be merged with it.

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