2044 Olympics: The Scare (#93)

The 2044 Olympics were set to be held in Amsterdam, Netherlands when the entire Big Citian contingent was shook. The Big City Olympic Committee (BCOC) was undergoing an International Olympic Committee (IOC) investigation for charges of corruption leveled against them by anonymous people.

The opening ceremony of the Olympic Games was set to begin on 8th July, 2044 but, on 6th July the IOC report came in and found the BCOC guilty of corruption and misusing government and IOC funds. In accordance with the IOC guidelines, no athlete was allowed to represent Big City and they all had an option; either participate individually under the IOC flag or not participate at all. Out of the 302 athlete contingent, 286 decided to participate under the IOC flag while the rest boycotted the games in protest. The decision had come when most of the athletes were already preparing for the opening ceremony and to represent their country.

They all agreed that the BCOC was at fault but they felt that they should not be suffering for the faults of the committee. While this was unfolding in Amsterdam, in the Big Citian capital city of Ran City, the head of the BCOC, Arnold Kyle was baffled by the investigation’s results and appealed for a re-investigation. After an emergency meeting with the head of the IOC in Tokyo, Japan; the IOC decided to do a quick review of the investigation in a span of one and a half days. They promised to produce the results 12 hours before the opening ceremony began.

For the next 36 hours, the IOC worked tirelessly and the new result provided a huge relief to the entire nation of Big City: it turned out that only two members of the IOC had committed the crimes and thus they didn’t meet the disqualification criteria.

The IOC apologized to the athletes and the two members were arrested. The Big Citian contingent walked out under the flag of Big City 12 hours later and went on to do very well for the country.

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