The Strange Monk (Part Five) (#95)

This is another blog taking place way ahead in the future, before reading this you might want to read – The Strange Monk Part One, Part TwoPart Three & Part four.


After the announcement of the death of feared terrorist Bunty Amarnathpo, almost the entire country was rejoicing and celebrating but all was still not well in the country.

There were still a select few groups of individuals who had been cult followers of Bunty when he had been a monk they felt that what the Big Citian government had done was unholy and started protesting and asking for a huge compensation. Big City suppressed these revolts and arrested nearly eighty people in the process.

Soon after Bunty was shot in the closed compound of Gruergen Prison, his body was picked up and dragged off into a laboratory for an inspection. Lala Amarnathpo was waiting in the lab to confirm the identity of the dead body as a custom. When the body was brought into the lab, the Prime Minister slowly shook his head in horror and whispered, “That’s not him.” But it was too lat already, even though a person was announced dead only after a thorough inspection, the case with Bunty had been different. Due to the huge interest in the event, the government made an unwise decision of releasing the statement of Bunty’s death as soon as the shot was fired.

The police began an investigation in close quarters with the Big Citian Intelligence while there was an emergency meeting called by the Prime Minister inside the Gruergen Prison. After eight hours of deliberation, arguments and counter-arguments, a decision was made to hold off telling the public about the crisis for purposes of peace and national security. But they knew that they had to tell the public about it sometime. No one was allowed to leave the Gruergen Prison, including the Prime Minister, until a proper decision had been made, a twelve member committee made up of the Prime Minister’s most trusted advisers met up and was deciding how to catch Bunty and how to break the news to the public when a video was released. And this video featured none other than Bunty Amarnathpo himself.

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