The Strange Monk (Part Six) (#96)

The video sent by Bunty featured him saying,

“Big brother, I have won, there’s nothing you can do about it, you have to either step down as Prime Minister citing the reason that you failed at catching me or I will detonate a bomb somewhere in the country”

Bunty gave the Prime Minister 48 hours to make the announcement, Lala said he wasn’t willing to negotiate with Bunty and sent out a team to detect every major public place to find the bomb. He had a video meeting with the American President and the Indian Prime Minister who sent out special task forces to trace the location of Bunty and to find out how he had escaped.

Within an hour, it was found out that a cell guard had been bribed millions to let Bunty escape, the guard was arrested but was yet to be given a sentence. Bunty’s video was practically untraceable so, Big City forced the bribed guard to leak out information about Bunty’s escape & the guard gave the license plate of the car that Bunty had used to escape but he only gave the information on the condition of not being given a death sentence on charges of treason.

The car was found abandoned in the outskirts of Leyland Town in Dezo but there was no trace left behind in the car, eye witnesses said they saw two cloaked men leave the car a day back, several CCTV footages were checked out of which most had been erased except one which showed two men in cloaks swiftly walking by and nothing else, the biometric data identified one of the men as Bunty so, the investigators knew that they were on the right track.







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