The Strange Monk (Part Seven) (#97)

After hours of further inquiring from locals, the investigators found out that the cloaked man, Bunty, had left in a boat from the coast of Leyland Town in an A16 WaterSpeeder Cruiser. According to mathematical calculations, Bunty couldn’t have left the Closeland Sea (A sea in Big City) and so, the Coast Guard was told to be on the lookout for a an A16 WaterSpeeder (they weren’t told about Bunty escaping either). After 8 hours of further searching, the Coast Guard found an abandoned A16 WaterSpeeder which matched the description given by the investigators and searched it.

Bunty had escaped from the boat but, he had left behind a crucial piece of evidence, a cell phone. The cell phone was handed over to hacking exports who identified the phone’s owner as Adrian Jristopf, who had left the country 8 years ago, according to Big Citian records. The phone was scanned and it was found that the phone was connected to another phone which belonged to Adrian Jristopf too. Though the phone had its “location-tracking” disabled by the owner of the phone, the government forced the cellphone company to give away the location of the other phone and it showed that the phone was in Perth, Australia.

A special task force in Australia, used the phone’s location to track down the phone and the phone was found in a small hut in the Australian countryside where, none other than Bunty himself had been hiding. When the task force had broken into the house, they had found the phone on a counter at the entrance and upon further searching, they found Bunty Amarnathpo and Adrian Kristopf hiding in a room in the basement. Bunty was secretly extradited to the Big City the very next day and executed in the utmost secrecy. This time around, Bunty was identified by the Prime Minister and his death was confirmed and it was never revealed to the general public that Bunty had escaped since the government did not want the people to ‘lose faith in the system.’

The double who had been wrongly executed was a devotee of Bunty when Bunty had been a monk in disguise and the police officer who had helped Bunty escape revealed that there was a team of 15 officers who had been bribed over $10 million each to let Bunty escape. All the 15 officers were given life in prison after a special court martial with the public being told they had been given the sentence for ‘trying to help Bunty escape’ but they weren’t told that Bunty had managed to escape.

This case was a unique one in Big Citian history since this huge operation was carried out in secret.

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