The Prism Palace (#98)

The Prism Palace is a heritage site of Big City found in Ran City, Ran; the country’s capital city. The Palace was constructed in 1880 by the Germans and is a very extravagant one.

The German Emperor Frederick III was scheduled to visit Big City in November 1880 (at that time, Big City was a German colony) and it was his first visit to the country. Eight years before his visit, it had been announced that he would be coming and so, the German rulers in charge of Big City decided to construct a palace for the king to stay in when he came for just the two-week stay as they thought that there was no other place in Big City which was fit for the king to live in.

The construction started in 1872 and was completed by 1880, some two months before the king’s arrival. The palace was complete with several bedrooms, a ballroom and huge baths for the king to bathe in. When the king arrived, he was so delighted with the castle, he gifted the governor a huge amount of gold as a token of appreciation.

When the king left for Germany two weeks after, the palace was sealed as no one else was allowed to live there besides the king and the royal family. The palace was regularly maintained but no one lived there and no member of the royal family ever visited again. After the Big Citian independence in 1945, the Big Citian government decided to convert it into the house of the President of the country but, in 1960, it was converted into a historical site in order to boost tourism in the country.

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