The Treaty of Versailles Period (1919-1937) (#99)

After the ending of the First World War in 1919, the Treaty of Versailles was signed by Germany and the Allied Powers. Big City was a German colony erstwhile and according to the treaty, Germany lost all its overseas colonies. This resulted in Big City coming under British rule.

Henry Ellener was appointed as the “Governor of Big City” by the British Crown. But, the UK hardly gave any attention to Big City and let it function as it did during German times except for the few changes such as all German flags and symbolism being replaced with British ones. Other changes were made as well but almost all were an effort to reduce German influence on the region.

For the Big Citians themselves, this was not a big change as they could carry on their day to day activities without much trouble but some Big Citians loyal to Germany did not accept the British rule and as a result, they were imprisoned.

After 28 years of staying under the British Empire, Adolf Hitler in his efforts to undo the Treaty of Versailles, fought a war with the British at sea near Big City in order to recapture Big City. Since the British were not well-prepared for the attack, the German forces took over Big City with relative ease and German rule was soon re-established in Big City. The British protested against this but, they did not take any action just like they hardly did anything when the Germans had took over Rhineland a year back.

Soon after, Germany made changes to make things as they were before 1919 and soon, they got embroiled in the Second World War. As the war was waging on, Germany passed the ‘Independence Act of 1940’ in 1940. This act gave Big City considerable autonomy but it still functioned as a colony of Germany. 5 years later, in 1945, Big City officially gained independence following the famous ‘Independence Protests’ in Ran City.

One thought on “The Treaty of Versailles Period (1919-1937) (#99)

  1. So the Big City had also been affected by the two wars. Like India Big City also got it’s Independence around the end of the second War.So the develepment level of Big City should be similar to India?


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