The 100th Independence Day (#100)

Big City celebrated its 100th Independence Day on 20th October, 2045. There were all the usual celebrations such as the lighting of “Das Flemme” on 19th October, the Prime Minister’s address to the nation the next day and the national anthem at 12AM on 20th October. But, since this was the 100th Independence Day, the Big Citian government decided to do something special. During the speech, then-Prime Minister Eva Cascarret announced multi-billion amire programmes to provide better healthcare and better government colleges & universities.

Unlike a few other countries in the world like France & India, Big City doesn’t have any annual military parades and so, on the 100th Independence Day, the government organised the first ever public military parade in the country. The parade started the march as soon as the Prime Minister gave her speech and walked from the venue of the speech (the Parliament) to the Town Hall of Ran City which is a place of great significance in the Big Citian independence struggle.

The popular “Daras Tlig Frado” Play (See Independence Day Celebrations Paragraph 3) which took place every Independence day in four out of the five states of Big City was also finally introduced in the fifth state, Cyber.

The people thought that this day to be very important since it gave people a moment to realize and treasure how far the country had come from that day a hundred years ago.

2 thoughts on “The 100th Independence Day (#100)

  1. I had thought that the Big City is an advanced economy like USA or Germany. So there was no homelessness.
    How many people in the Big City are still homeless?

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