The Busicity Group (#101)

The Busicity Group is the owner of Big City’s largest bus service called “Big Busicity” and is also the second-largest holding company in the country.

The Busicity Group was formed in 1996 by Chan Yu & Maya Corkill. Yu and Corkill decided to also create the “Big Busicity” bus company to connect all of Big City’s major and minor cities by road. They had seen a huge demand for long distance buses in the country since the taxi fares were very high. They bought nearly 100 buses to start with after getting a ton of investment from various investors from all over the world. The company soon got very popular as it had buses that went at pretty fast speeds and could transport people from one city to another at a very reasonable fare.

Over the next few years, the company started to grow at a very rapid rate and seeing their success, several other people created bus services in Big City too, but Big Busicity killed off the competition with relative ease. Soon enough, it expanded its fleet to thousands of buses and has been taking major steps towards converting their entire fleet into an eco-friendly one since 2020.

The Busicity Group also owns Big City’s largest airport, the Lisa Airport and also holds shares in companies such as Junkyard and Uber Big City.

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