Nuclear Revelation (#102)

On 30th of June, 2048, there was a data breach of Big City’s intelligence agencies made by anonymous users in Kazakhstan. The data breach was patched up and there was no apparent leakage of information.

But, on 1st July, 2048, all of Big City’s nuclear codes were tweeted out by an account under the name of Eva Cascarret Witch (Eva Cascarret was Big City’s incumbent Prime Minister), the name was clearly a troll name made by someone and the tweet was taken down within seconds after the Intelligence Board of Big City (IBBC) was made aware of it. If someone was to use those nuclear codes, he/she would’ve also needed the retina scan of certain officials and some other confidential information and the leak did not pose any danger but, this was a serious incident where the most confidential information of the country was leaked by anonymous sources.

The codes were changed by the IBBC and a joint investigation was launched by the IBBC and the National Cyber Force (NCF). The investigation was heavily funded by the government and it was found that the tweet was also posted from an account in Kazakhstan but the location could not be deciphered as the user had used the dark web to tweet the codes and had also used various firewalls. The firewall companies were also contacted who refused to let out any information because of their privacy policies after which the government threatened to ban them from Big City. After this four out of the five decided to give out the information while the fifth was banned from the country as a punishment.

Unfortunately, this did nothing to help the investigation as the location still remained untraceable. Neither the data breach nor the tweet helped to find the location and Big City was also not able to access Kazakhstan’s intelligence information to help the investigation due to the cold relations between the countries. After nearly half a year of investigation was brought to a close with not even a single lead found.

In later years it was often dubbed as “Codegate”.

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