Train 35 (#104)

The ‘Train 35’ was a train carrying 300 people that went into a 8.5km tunnel in Iam, Dezo and never came out. The people noticed that the train had gone into the tunnel and didn’t come out of the other end within the usual 4-5 minutes and after about 25 minutes, a team of policemen went into check on the train with flashlights and there was no sign of it there.

They kept venturing further in and found a giant hole in the centre and discovered that the entire train and fallen into it. A rescue team was sent into the hole to rescue the passengers but the rescue team sent in never came back. An investigation was launched by the Big Citian Railways to see what had happened.

Pretty soon, people working around the tunnel in the investigation and those living within a few kilometers of it started getting diseases varying from a mild cough to cancer. Using these indications, a radiation test was done and it was discovered that the radiations coming from the whole were very fatal. After the radioactive material was identified by a research team, they tested it and found out that it had high corrosive properties due to which the ground above it became very brittle and when the heavy train came on it, the ground collapsed and the train fell in. Though it was a short fall, the radiations killed everyone on board within 30 minutes which was around 15-20 minutes before the rescue team could arrive. A group of rescuers went in again equipped with protective gear and identified 302 dead bodies, 292 of the passengers and 10 of the rescuers who had gone in previously.

A huge fleet of trucks was called in to transport the dead bodies in a very risk process since the tunnel was dark, radioactive and the ground was also very brittle. The tunnel was soon destroyed and the radioactive material was utilised to set up a power plant and people living close to it were evacuated too.

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