The Execution Conspiracies (#105)

Before reading, it would be helpful to read blog #72, #73, #95, #96 and #97.


After international-level terrorist Bunty Amarnathpo was executed by the Big Citian forces, they had realized that the government had accidentally killed a body double and then the real Bunty was tracked down and executed two days later and the public never got to know that but (in blog #95, #96 & #97)), around a year later, an anonymous source tweeted out a footage of the execution from a CCTV camera which only the government had access to and used sophisticated technology to determine that the person being executed was not Bunty.

As soon as the government officials found out about this, they sent out a message to the Prime Minister and the President and a joint meeting took place immediately, since that footage was of the body double being executed and the actual execution had taken place two days later, they knew that the anonymous source was telling the truth but, for the sake of the people’s trust in the government, the government appointed a task force to ensure the people that the clip was false even though it wasn’t.

A task force headed by Hwung Lei held a press conference in which he stated:

“The footage and analysis given by the source is completely false and the footage is also not of the execution. The authorities are currently investigating as to who is behind this propagation of fake news, a fake news which could possibly harm the nation and damage the trust of the people.”

People on the internet reasoned that the footage was real since the footage, which was pretty grainy, was clearly shot in the yard of the famous Gruergen Prison of Big City where the execution had taken place. The government then, in an official statement said that the footage was doctored since the actual execution footage was very different. After people of Big City started to believe that the execution had been a hoax, the government reluctantly released the footage of the second execution in which Bunty had actually been killed and used the same technology to prove to the people that Bunty had, in fact, died. This won back public support and the person behind the leakage of the footage was identified as a Bangladeshi hacker who was never extradited to Big City for trials in Big Citian courts.

This case is a famous example of how the government had to lie and cover something up to ensure national security, peace and trust.

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