The Big City Interstate Highway Proposal (#108)

The Big City Interstate Highway Proposal was made in October 2055 which proposed the construction of 4 highways connecting all 5 island states of Big City. The highways would be bridges built over very deep water using the floating-pillar technology developed in the early 2040s. The highways would join S.O.B.C. to Cyber, Cyber to Ran, Ran to Fezo, and Fezo to Dezo. It did not propose the joining of S.O.B.C. and Dezo to complete a full loop since the distance between them was just too much.

The project’s logistics were being handled by American company Steele Bridges Ltd., but the project cost was very high, and the upkeep was also so high that the cost of upkeep would surpass the original construction cost within 9.5 years. There was also a safety issue, since the floating-pillar technology wasn’t exactly foolproof in very turbulent seas since it was usually used in short-distance bridges. Even thought the Inland Sea (the sea on which the bridges were being built) was a very calm one, the government couldn’t guarantee that there would never be a devastating storm in it.

There was overwhelming support for the project from a portion of the population but many had their doubts. A lot of people thought that the construction of the highway was unnecessary since there were already extremely cheap flights that carried people to and fro adjacent states and there was also an underground train tunnel connecting the 5 states.

But, it was introduced to the Council of States anyway and had to be ratified by 4 out of the 5 states for the project to be passed into the Parliament. (Usually a 3 out of 5 ratification is required for such projects but if the project’s budget demands crossed a certain mark it requires 4 out of 5 states to ratify it.) Each State’s district council (Read about Big Citian district councils here) voted on whether or not to pass the project. At the end, 2 states; S.O.B.C. and Fezo voted for the project, Dezo and Ran voted against it while Cyber’s district council had a perfect 24-24 split among its 48 members and therefore they had to vote ‘ABSTAIN’. Due to this result, the project was rejected.

5 years later, in December 2060, the project was re-introduced to the Council of States with a few modifications such as reduction of the length of the highway which allowed the budget demands to fall below the threshold and now, only 3 states had to ratify it, but the public demand for the highway was very low and people were happy travelling between states on the train and on flights and therefore, 4 states rejected it and the only one passing it was Fezo and that too, by just a 2 vote margin.

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