The Elections of 2050 – A Landslide Victory (#109)

Before this read – The Elections of 2040

After the Goggle Party lost control after being in power for 30 years (2010-40) to the Peace Party, Prime Ministerial candidate, Lala Amarnathpo vowed to come back strong and regain power in 2050.

The Prime Minister, Eva Cascarret had had a pretty quiet first 2 years, in which she didn’t deliver on any of her promises related to public money expenditure or foreign affairs. But in her 3rd year of the 10 year term, she implemented the plan which reduced import tariffs on Germany and a few other nations before announcing that she was going to implement her new taxation plan to save different social classes but when she presented it to the Alrania (the house in Big City which elects the Prime Minister & President / the main house), the leader of the Goggle Party, Lala Amarnathpo, published a report on how the new plan would actually increase taxation rather than decreasing it as Cascarret had promised. Eva Cascarret also failed to act on the 250-page journal which she had published during the 2040 election campaign listing everything she’d do if voted into power (see post #83, paragraph 3). Among all this, the Peace Party’s vice president and chief of funding also resigned and joined the Goggle Party in December 2044. All of this came at a very bad time for Cascarret as her approval rating had fallen to an all-time low.

The District Elections came in 2045 and according to a unique Big Citian law which was made to ensure that people could change the government at a 5 year interval in some extreme cases, if a single non-ruling party managed to win a majority of the seats in the District Council of every one of the 5 states then re-elections are held for the center too. Achieving this was always considered next to impossible but as the elections approached in 2045, the Goggle Party was so popular that they almost did it, they won a majority in 4 states except Fezo where they won 30% of the seats. They almost triggered a re-election but now the Goggle Party had considerable autonomy in 4 states of the country.

Over the years there was a bit more stabilization of Eva’s approval ratings but the Codegate Scandal in 2048 led to even more anger among the citizen and a Goggle Party victory looked certain in the coming election in 2050. Another significant event also happened in February 2049, the founding party of the country that ruled from 1980 till 2010, the Independence Party, had been dissolved due to lack of support and leadership, they had participated in every election up until 2030.

Before the elections, Goggle Party Presidential hopeful Udi Baba withdrew his name from the contest citing “personal issues” and senior party member Aaron Baker was named as his replacement. When the elections came, Eva Cascarret’s brother and President Johan Cascarret announced his retirement for politics and Eva’s right hand man Eliot Martino as the Presidential candidate. Brutal campaigning went on for months but support for Lala and the Goggle Party was immense and Eva’s support was dwindling. A defining moment of the campaign was when Eva was addressing a gathering in Nolaze, Ran and the crowd started chanting “GP! GP! GP!” (GP is the Goggle Party’s oft-used acronym).

Then the results came in and a landslide victory for the GP, it was there largest victory by just 1 seat: 196 seats – Goggle Party,  24 seats – Peace Party, 3 seats – AKPP (Areyano Kulio Politique Partiee, translates to Sovereign Public Political Party).

This was the first time in Big Citian history that a party stayed in power for just 1 term. Peace Party had to come back stronger and prove that the people made the wrong choice and the Goggle Party had to work hard and prove the opposite.

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