The Velocity Files (#111)

Velocity Sixty Five is the name of Big City’s war plan in case they have to go to war with their neighbour Australia – this was just one of the country’s Velocity Files.

Despite the two countries being on the best of terms, this plan was drawn up by then-army chief Nicholas Bernard in the year 2026 as a “safety measure” and a “worst-case scenario”. After the election of the Goggle Party into power in the year 2020, the leadership noticed a lack of planning in the country’s defence system due to the fact that the country was relatively peaceful and isolated; to change this, Nicholas Bernard was appointed the army chief and was ordered to draw up war plans for the country in case it was attacked or had to attack any other country. Each file had two aspects: attack and defence and detailed what the country would do in the scenario and tried to predict what the enemy would try to do.

A series of 112 files were created over a course of eight years where each file was for one country. But this isn’t what made these files so famous or……infamous.

The Velocity Project was a very classified project on which only 120 people worked and everyone was sworn to secrecy with the punishment of violating the oath being death. But on the 12th of December 2032, four years after the completion of the Velocity Project, an anonymous user on WikiLeaks posted the war plans on the website in a .zzux format (.zzux was an extension created by the Big City intelligence which was only operable by a special software accessible only to them), these files only had titles Velocity_One.zzux, Velocity_Two.zzux, etc. but totaled a massive 23 petabytes of data; so people started to try everything to open it and were unsuccessful until a programmer by the name of Henrik Godelsonn managed to develop a software that was able to open, at least, the textual part of the document but, that was enough to shock everyone. All the plans were released to the public by Godelsonn in, of all things, a tweet. This tweet contained a cloud link to all the documents and was quickly taken down but very soon the documents were everywhere, even a simple Google search was enough to find them.

This was really bad news for the Big Citian government who, when questioned, denied the existence of such plans and claimed that they were “malicious attempts to undermine the integrity of the government” and soon gave up trying to take the copies off the government as they feared this would create suspicion among the people.

Soon, the investigation was on how and who leaked the files; this leak wasted enormous resources used by the government in developing the plans and also the intel gathered was lost and out in the open. The files were only accessible to the Army Chief, President, Prime Minister, and other top-level officials. A thorough investigation concluded that none of these people had leaked the documents, so now the suspicion was on the 120 member team which developed parts of the plan. This team had little idea what was going on and only knew about the part they worked on and it was organized in such a way that they actually didn’t know much, they also had no access to these files but, they stepped into the building where these plans were stored numerous times. Thus, the investigation continued on and eventually Adleen Gregory, a researcher who worked on Veloctiy Fifty Five (plan to attack South Africa), was found guilty of having implanted a chip in one of the storage devices to get the files, when she was taken for interrogation she revealed that the plans did not “reflect Big Citian ideals” and she acted upon her personal beliefs but gave an ultimatum; she said that if she was sentenced, then she would give every single detail about how she was recruited by the government and those plans were, in fact, real; but, if they spared her, she would do no such thing and rather, she would reveal that she did this just to cause commotion and nothing else and people would also have a reason to believe her as she could verify that she posted the original leak via her IP Address.

The government agreed to her demands and she obliged. Within a few months, the whole story settled down and everyone believed it was a hoax, except for the government and, of course, Adleen herself.

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