Highway Bomb Scare (#112)

This happened on the 21st of June, 2029 on Big City’s Superhighway 8’s Ley Town stretch (the busiest stretch of the highway); two white helicopters with the words “Him-Uq” (the infamous terrorist organization known for targeting Big City) written in black flew over the highway and dropped hundreds of black bags on the road.

Immediately, people exited there vehicles and ran away from the road as fast as they could but due to a large number of people present, there was a stampede injuring 6 but fortunately, there were no casualties. Soon after, when the news reached the police, the National Air Patrol was deployed to search a sixty kilometer radius for the helicopters in the air and the police was also deployed on ground. After almost fifty minutes of searching, the helicopters were found in a large warehouse with a different paint job but they were identified as the ones that dropped the bags with the help of their registration number, hidden under black sheets. Thereafter, the search began for the individuals who were nabbed from there residence only three hundred meters away, they were taken to a high-security facility where they confessed to having dropped the bags on the highway and fleeing from the scene, their intent was to cause disruption as they were, in their own words, ‘bored of just flying around aimlessly’, it was also found out that the helicopters were stolen from a local businessman.

After the trial, the four men were found guilty of breach of peace, vehicular theft, crime scene getaway, and were also charged with the assault of the 6 individuals. They were forced to pay a compensation of 5,000 Amires to the injured individuals and were also sentenced to ten years of imprisonment with no chance of bail or parole.

Just a year after this case, the four men killed two prison guards in a bid to escape their prison facility and were once again, tried and two of them were sentenced to death while the other two, who had not physically killed anyone, had their sentence increased from ten to forty five years.

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