The Period from 1945 to 1970 (The Interim Government) (#113)

Big City gained independence in 1945 and unlike other countries, it didn’t hold elections right away, instead it waited a whole 25 years before holding their first elections as the leaders thought that they must make the country prosperous first. (Read here).

Unsurprisingly, this was a very controversial move as people thought that the interim government headed by a group of eight “Head Ministers” (rather than one “Prime Minister” or “President”) would misuse power and undermine the country’s ideals. But, it wasn’t that all the ministers were ministers for life, they had to be elected by a group of 1344 members called “Electing Citizens” who were in turn elected by the citizens in 1945 but they weren’t elected by Universal Adult Suffrage since back then, only the land-owning men and their spouses were given the right to vote not because they felt that the other citizens were inferior but instead, for the ease of conducting elections to keep the population of voters low. These Electing Citizens formed the Interim Parliament which would hold elections for the eight Head Ministers every year, these Head Ministers were chosen from the Electing Citizens body. (If someone from the Electing Citizens body died, a new one was appointed by the remaining members.)

After the formation of the Interim Government, many foreign countries started raising red flags about the country’s legitimacy as a “democratic nation” and thought that the Interim Government would not give power away after the agreed-upon 25 years’ time. Things were looking bleak after the country came under even more international pressure and perhaps, the only thing that kept the Interim Government going was the people’s trust.

The general public opinion was very positive about the Interim Government and they did not fear that they would not give away power after 25 years since the constitution guaranteed it. The Interim Government also made huge strides economically for the country, improving the GDP manifold and the country’s international relations also improved after the signing of the “Democratic Conservation Treaty” at the UN which stated that the Interim Government would accept all international sanctions if it did not hold free and fair democratic elections by the end of the year 1970.

And sure enough, on 20th of October 1969 (the Independence Day), elections were announced for February of 1970. (Read about the 1970 elections here)


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