Agriculture in Big City (#114)

Agriculture is not one of the major activities in Big City but still, it is known for its tobacco, wheat, and rice exports.

During the early 20th to mid 20th century Big City was a huge exporter of staple grains such as rice and of potatoes but after its independence, the government started buying up land from the peasants and selling it to industrialists to increase the secondary and tertiary sector production of the country which had remained extremely low till then. Agricultural lands became restricted to certain districts like Coandra, Founder’s Temple, Iam, etc.

Agricultural practices remained relatively primitive until the 1980s when the Hubert Agro-technologies Inc. was set up in Coandra, Dezo. This company revolutionized agriculture in the country by selling patented equipment to farmers to drastically increase the yield per hectare. Commercialization of farming occurred rapidly with the setting up of the Klaus Dam, which provided electricity and water, and with further technological developments. Soon, the number of people employed in this sector nearly halved but the production of the sector almost quadrupled. Almost all of the Big Citian farms became nearly 100% export units due to the surplus crops produced.

Rather than for its agriculture, Big City is better known for its agritech industry which produces several groundbreaking innovations in the industry. The most renowned agritech companies are the aforementioned “Hubert Agro-Technologies Inc.” and the relatively recent “Green Leaf Tech Inc.” both owned by Jamerson Holdings Co. The former was formed to sell innovative farming equipment at relatively lower rates to farmers and the latter was formed to help farmers improve yields through gene engineering and developing improved cropping patterns.

Both these leaders in the industry have contributed greatly in the agricultural prosperity of the nation.

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  1. Dear R,

    Your post on Agriculture would be an extremely useful guide for India’s economy.

    I think you should put this on the ‘mygov’ website.



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