The Strange Monk (Part 2) (#71)

After a few weeks, the hype around the Strange Monk was higher than ever, he would still not say more than two or three sentences a day and finally, he revealed his name and said, “My name is Hayunu Gradashee.” This created a buzz on the internet and people started selling T-Shirts and Mugs with […]

The Strange Monk (Part 1) (#70)

On May 20, 2090; a strange man wearing an all-blue piece of cloth sat on a rock overlooking the famous Jaded Waterfalls in the Dezoan city of Rumas. The man had a shaved head and was old-looking (Refer to this blog for knowing the aging phenomenon in Big City), he people described him as a […]

The Attacks That Shook the World (#69)

Tragedy struck the Hubert Neighbourhood in Coandra, Big City. The neighbourhood had national highways separating it into three triangular localities. (called the Diamond Triangle, the Ruby Triangle & the Glass Triangle) The locality housed middle-class families and was considered relatively safe. But, on the 8th of August, 2050, something happened. A huge bomb-blast took place […]

Crawven Case: The Mistake (#68)

On 20th December, 2038, a few months after his imprisonment, Juergen Crawven escaped the Jyamen Prison in Iam, Dezo. He had hatched an elaborate escape plan with the help of the most feared terrorist organisation in the world: The Him-Uq. Once he was caught, Germany cut all ties with Crawven and therefore, a furious Crawven […]

Crawven Case (#67)

Juergen Crawven was the Big Citian Minister of External Affairs and held a very high position in the ruling Goggle Party. He became a part of the cabinet of Big City after the 2030 elections. He was pretty good at the job and was building relations between Big City and arch-rivals Germany. He signed the […]

Brendonville Academy (#66)

The Brendonville Academy is one of the most prestigious universities in Big City and is famous for the amount of successful sports persons it has produced. It was founded in 1900 in Coast Town by Anglo-German businessman Brendon Satter. The university is a huge one with many buildings and stadiums. It is nearly 14,000 acres […]

False Alarm of 2040 (#65)

Big Citians living in a Northern part of Seacity, Dezo woke up to shock and horror on the morning of 1st July, 2040 as they had all received a shocking message from the government that they had to reach the nearest government building for shelter as a deadly dust storm was about to hit the […]