Train 35 (#104)

The ‘Train 35’ was a train carrying 300 people that went into a 8.5km tunnel in Iam, Dezo and never came out. The people noticed that the train had gone into the tunnel and didn’t come out of the other end within the usual 4-5 minutes and after about 25 minutes, a team of policemen […]

Nuclear Revelation (#102)

On 30th of June, 2048, there was a data breach of Big City’s intelligence agencies made by anonymous users in Kazakhstan. The data breach was patched up and there was no apparent leakage of information. But, on 1st July, 2048, all of Big City’s nuclear codes were tweeted out by an account under the name […]

The Busicity Group (#101)

The Busicity Group is the owner of Big City’s largest bus service called “Big Busicity” and is also the second-largest holding company in the country. The Busicity Group was formed in 1996 by Chan Yu & Maya Corkill. Yu and Corkill decided to also create the “Big Busicity” bus company to connect all of Big […]

The 100th Independence Day (#100)

Big City celebrated its 100th Independence Day on 20th October, 2045. There were all the usual celebrations such as the lighting of “Das Flemme” on 19th October, the Prime Minister’s address to the nation the next day and the national anthem at 12AM on 20th October. But, since this was the 100th Independence Day, the […]

The Prism Palace (#98)

The Prism Palace is a heritage site of Big City found in Ran City, Ran; the country’s capital city. The Palace was constructed in 1880 by the Germans and is a very extravagant one. The German Emperor Frederick III was scheduled to visit Big City in November 1880 (at that time, Big City was a […]

The Strange Monk (Part Seven) (#97)

After hours of further inquiring from locals, the investigators found out that the cloaked man, Bunty, had left in a boat from the coast of Leyland Town in an A16 WaterSpeeder Cruiser. According to mathematical calculations, Bunty couldn’t have left the Closeland Sea (A sea in Big City) and so, the Coast Guard was told […]

The Strange Monk (Part Five) (#95)

This is another blog taking place way ahead in the future, before reading this you might want to read – The Strange Monk Part One, Part Two, Part Three & Part four. ————————————————————————————————————————— After the announcement of the death of feared terrorist Bunty Amarnathpo, almost the entire country was rejoicing and celebrating but all was still […]