Big City’s Heartbreak (#64)

The Big City Football team was ranked 34 in 2037 and had never qualified for the World Cup ever before. The team had consistently failed during the qualifiers despite being the number 4 ranked team in Asia & Oceania. The team had to beat number 2 ranked Iran in order to qualify for the World […]

Framing the President (#63)

The leader of a regional party from Aldata, Dezo tried to imprison the President, Lala Amarnathpo by framing him in a scandal. The ruling party from Aldata was the Goggle Party whose head was Lala Amarnathpo and Aldata was one of the largest manufacturers of rubber. One of the largest rubber-producing companies, Huberr¬†Ltd. filed a […]

Betting Laws in Big City (#62)

Big City is one of the biggest countries when it comes to the betting industry. Big City has fully legalised betting in sports and casual betting is also legal unless the total amount is more than 10,000 amires. If the amount rises above 10,000 amires, the betters have to inform the government through the website […]

The Julius Tower, Coandra (#61)

The Julius Tower in Coandra is one of the largest buildings in the world in terms of area covered. It has 98 floors and covers 4000 acres, around the size of an average international airport. The building has been divided into the Eastern, Western, Northern, Southern & Central zones with each zone having different kinds […]

The Crash (#60)

The Formula One Big City Grand Prix was celebrating its 10th year in 2038 and being the last race of the year, there was a huge hype around this race and it was supposed to be a golden opportunity for sponsors. The leader had to finish on the podium to guarantee himself the title and […]

National Dog Day (#59)

In Big City, one of the largest events is the National Dog Day which takes place on the 8th of December every year and it commemorates the birth of the military dog, Alex which saved the lives of 8 people during the Italian War from 1970-72. The dog is also the national animal of Big […]

Raiie Mobiles (#58)

Raiie mobiles is the leading cell phone/smartphone producer in Big City. It was founded in 2020 by retired army officer, Graden Raiie who was known for using the “Network Technique” during the 1996 Big City-Germany war. Graden Raiie had worked with Apple Inc. for one year before he quit to start his own company called […]