Leyland Protests (#87)

The Big Citian state of Dezo had two separate zones, the Eastern Side and the Western Side. The Eastern Side lies to the East of the Artota Mountain Range and covers about 85% of the state’s area while the Western Side lies to the West of the Artota Mountain Range. The Western Side was Called […]

The Morgan Palace Disaster (#86)

The Morgan Palace Disaster took place on 20th November, 2052. The Morgan Palace is a football stadium home to the local team Cyber Chaos. A league game between Cyber Chaos and Nolaze Arrow was taking place and it was 30 minutes into the game when a small explosion took place inside Nolaze’s dressing room. The […]

The Rückkehreze Fest (#85)

The Rückkehreze Fest is a Big Citian festival celebrated on the last day of February ever year. It takes place on the 28th of February in non-leap years and on the 29th of February during leap years. “Rückkehreze” means “return” in Benoz and the origin of the festival dates back to the end of the […]

2038 Football World Cup (#84)

In the 2026 FIFA meeting, eight countries bid to host the 2038 FIFA World Cup and Big City decided to bid after careful consideration. At the time, the Big City football team was still considered a bit of an underdog, ranked 40th in world football and having never had qualified for a World Cup. But, […]

The Passport Accident (#82)

This is one of the most famous incident in Big City for being so silly. On 29th September, 2018, the Ministry of Passport & Travel had a malfunction in its software due to which the entire database of the country’s passport-holders was erased. The people at the airports went for Immigration where their passport was […]

The Flame Monument (#81)

The flame monument is the most popular and most visited monument in Big City. It is located in the capital of the country, Ran City and was built by Big Citian workers in 1946, a year after Big Citian independence. The workers were all working for factories owned by German industrialists and after several national […]