The Strange Monk (Part Five) (#95)

This is another blog taking place way ahead in the future, before reading this you might want to read – The Strange Monk Part One, Part Two, Part Three & Part four. ————————————————————————————————————————— After the announcement of the death of feared terrorist Bunty Amarnathpo, almost the entire country was rejoicing and celebrating but all was still […]

Big City District Council Elections (#94)

The Big City has two houses; the Alrania which elects the Prime Minister and the President (is re-elected every 10 years) and the District Council which is re-elected every 5 years. The best thing for any political party in Big City is a majority in the Alrania which allows them to form the government and […]

2044 Olympics: The Scare (#93)

The 2044 Olympics were set to be held in Amsterdam, Netherlands when the entire Big Citian contingent was shook. The Big City Olympic Committee (BCOC) was undergoing an International Olympic Committee (IOC) investigation for charges of corruption leveled against them by anonymous people. The opening ceremony of the Olympic Games was set to begin on […]

Bank of Piggy (#92)

The Bank of Piggy is one of the top banks of Big City and was founded in 2012 by Henrik Jurgenn. Jurgenn was the CEO of Big City’s National Bank when he resigned and took out a huge loan from the Big City National Bank (BCNB) to start his own bank called “The Bank of […]

The Skraperr Award Story (Part Two) (#90)

After the introduction of the Skraperr Award, the Big Citian Science Community spent loads of money in marketing the Skraperr Award to make it seem prestigious and slowly, various genius minds from around the world started the #BoycottNobel Campaign to protest against the injustice done against Paige Ingram. Various people didn’t attend the Nobel Prize […]